Where Do I Find A One Stop Mens Gifts Shop?

Where do you find dozens/hundreds of hot mens gift ideas in one place?

A couple of days ago one of my readers asked me a question about how to find great men’s gift ideas when you’re short of time. She was shopping for Christmas however she was going overseas running up to Christmas and wanted to get all her Christmas shopping done now in as short a time as possible.

She had a number of men to buy for and was looking for a suggestion of somewhere to go where she would be most likely to be able to buy everything in one visit.

There’s lots of ways to buy gifts online. I love to find small obscure websites that sell unique men’s gifts and to feature them here. There are some wonderful and quite unique gift ideas around and you can find small websites which sell just one item, and for the right man they would make a wonderful gift.
Men Christmas Gifts

If you have the time you can have a lot of fun browsing around the web looking for obscure websites like this offering wonderful products which you may not find anywhere else. And you know that when he opens his gift at Christmas it’s highly unlikely that he’ll get the same gift from someone else.

But as I say this can suck up a lot of your time. It’s fun but it’s time consuming. It is also very rewarding when you find the perfect gift idea for him after putting in the effort.

To me there’s nothing worse than giving a gift at Christmas just to find that he gets the same gift from someone else, often from several other people.

What this reader wanted was a place where she could go to find all sorts of gift ideas like this. Unique, unusual gift ideas so that she could be confident that he was highly unlikely to get the same gift from someone else.

Is there a place, a one-stop shop, where you can find tons of wonderful and unique gift ideas all at the same place. Where you can do all your Christmas shopping on one website happy in the knowledge that you’ve made some great selections for hot gift ideas that are unlikely to be found everywhere else on the web.

I’ve been looking at online men’s gifts stores for quite some time and one store immediately sprang to mind. It’s my favourite men’s gifts online store and I’ve found more wonderful unique gift ideas there than anywhere else.
Men Christmas Gifts

It’s called Hammacher Schlemmer. The site is huge, they have hundreds if not thousands of products available and so many of them are unique to their store.

It’s not uncommon when searching for gift ideas to find the same product on quite a few, if not dozens of other websites. However it’s rare to find products that are featured at Hammacher Schlemmer anywhere else.

I don’t know why. Maybe they have wonderful buyers. Either way Hammacher Schlemmer is, to me, the first place that I would go if I was looking to do all my Christmas shopping in one go and I wanted to find some unusual or unique gift ideas.

Rather than simply reply to my readers enquiry I thought I’d write this here because I’m sure there are many other women who would also like to find a one-stop gifts shop where they can get all their Christmas shopping done, including shopping for gifts for their man, in one go.

Happy shopping.

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  1. Just Dance at 7:12 am #

    Last birthday I got him a ring that he loves now! He wears it all the time, its from http://www.tungstenworld.com and its one of the only gifts I’ve gotten him that he actually uses all the time. I’m worried about how to follow that one up for his upcoming birthday. They have matching bracelets and watches so maybe I’ll surprise him with one of those.

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