Where do you find dozens/hundreds of hot mens gift ideas in one place?

A couple of days ago one of my readers asked me a question about how to find great men’s gift ideas when you’re short of time. She was shopping for Christmas however she was going overseas running up to Christmas and wanted to get all her Christmas shopping done now in as short a time as possible.

She had a number of men to buy for and was looking for a suggestion of somewhere to go where she would be most likely to be able to buy everything in one visit.

There’s lots of ways to buy gifts online. I love to find small obscure websites that sell unique men’s gifts and to feature them here. There are some wonderful and quite unique gift ideas around and you can find small websites which sell just one item, and for the right man they would make a wonderful gift.
Men Christmas Gifts

If you have the time you can have a lot of fun browsing around the web looking for obscure websites like this offering wonderful products which you may not find anywhere else. And you know that when he opens his gift at Christmas it’s highly unlikely that he’ll get the same gift from someone else.

But as I say this can suck up a lot of your time. It’s fun but it’s time consuming. It is also very rewarding when you find the perfect gift idea for him after putting in the effort.

To me there’s nothing worse than giving a gift at Christmas just to find that he gets the same gift from someone else, often from several other people.

What this reader wanted was a place where she could go to find all sorts of gift ideas like this. Unique, unusual gift ideas so that she could be confident that he was highly unlikely to get the same gift from someone else.

Is there a place, a one-stop shop, where you can find tons of wonderful and unique gift ideas all at the same place. Where you can do all your Christmas shopping on one website happy in the knowledge that you’ve made some great selections for hot gift ideas that are unlikely to be found everywhere else on the web.

I’ve been looking at online men’s gifts stores for quite some time and one store immediately sprang to mind. It’s my favourite men’s gifts online store and I’ve found more wonderful unique gift ideas there than anywhere else.
Men Christmas Gifts

It’s called Hammacher Schlemmer. The site is huge, they have hundreds if not thousands of products available and so many of them are unique to their store.

It’s not uncommon when searching for gift ideas to find the same product on quite a few, if not dozens of other websites. However it’s rare to find products that are featured at Hammacher Schlemmer anywhere else.

I don’t know why. Maybe they have wonderful buyers. Either way Hammacher Schlemmer is, to me, the first place that I would go if I was looking to do all my Christmas shopping in one go and I wanted to find some unusual or unique gift ideas.

Rather than simply reply to my readers enquiry I thought I’d write this here because I’m sure there are many other women who would also like to find a one-stop gifts shop where they can get all their Christmas shopping done, including shopping for gifts for their man, in one go. Read more

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Get the best men’s gifts from around the net

I just found a men’s gifts store with a difference. And I like the difference. It’s refreshing to see a different approach taken to the traditional online store.

What’s the difference? Well it’s this.

Your traditional online men’s gifts store sells men’s gifts, not that there’s anything wrong with that. However the range of gifts available sometimes tends to be a little static. You may well find that what they were selling last year is pretty much what they’re selling this year. And if they’re great gifts for men then why not.

However ManBargains has put a slightly different slant on selling men’s gifts.hilarious T-shirt

What they do at ManBargains is to scour the Internet for all of the latest and greatest gifts for men and gift bargains and bring them to you. So in other words they find the best men’s gifts from all over the Internet, and present them to you all in one place.

Now I don’t mind browsing men’s gifts stores, I do quite a bit of it, however your average shopper may well get a little tired with that. You can take a long time, particularly if you’re new to shopping for gifts for men online, to find all of the best men’s stores with the best gift ideas, and often you’ll miss finding the best gift idea because you never found the right store.

It can be quite time consuming trawling the Internet trying to find the right store, and many of us don’t have that much time. So why not rely on the expertise of others to bring you all the best gift ideas from across the Internet?

It probably takes ManBargains many hours every week trawling the Internet looking for the best gift ideas. Of course that’s what they do, and so chances are they’ll find great gift ideas, or great bargains, that you’d never find.

If they spend, as I’m sure they do, a considerable amount of time every week looking for great gift stores for men, then the chances are that they will find stores that you will never find in hours of searching. And that would usually mean that they will also find gift ideas at those stores that you’re also unlikely to find.

It’s a slightly different slant on the traditional Internet store. You can rely on one website to do your shopping knowing that people with more experience than you at finding great gift ideas have done all the hard footwork for you.

One of the things that immediately appealed to me was their universal WiFi range extender, which roughly doubles the range of your home WiFi reach. As I have a son who carries a computer around on his shoulder to talk to his friends on Skype, this will suit me just fine.

And at 40% off I can’t complain.

It seems to me that ManBargains is one of the first places to turn to when you’re in need of a great men’s gift idea, and you don’t have lots of time. Why not have a browse right now, it’s well worth a look.

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Some mens gifts sites you can browse in 2 minutes, but not this one

Every now and then I come across a gifts website that I haven’t seen before. It’s not common, I’ve seen a lot of them, however every now and then there’s one that’s slipped past my radar.

Such was the case with Spencers Online, so I thought I’d review the website. It is always fun to look through a website that you haven’t visited before.

Spencers Online is a general gifts website meaning that it’s not specifically dedicated to gifts for men, but has fun and interesting gift ideas for just about anybody.hilarious T-shirt

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not just men who like a good gift idea.

And it’s not a niche gifts side, meaning that it doesn’t just concentrate on any particular gift type, it covers just about everything, and covers it well.

In fact it has a massive range of ideas. When you first visit you don’t quite realize how many ideas until you mouse over the links at the top and see the enormous range of ideas in the drop-down menus. Only then do you realise how big the site is.

For instance under “Fun and Games” there’s a wide range of selections to choose from including adult fun, drinking games, funny gifts and party ideas for all of the major age milestones, and more.

Or you can go mainstream and pick up one of the major brands, or perhaps look for some accessories for him.

Sometimes I’m particularly taken with clothes and accessories to wear. I particularly loved the Corona bottle men’s flip flops, though there’s a wide range of interesting ideas for flip-flops. I just like Corona.

And I was also taken by some of the fun T-shirts. A novel T-shirt is always a fun gift idea for your man, provided it something a little unusual, and not all that expensive. One that particularly appealed to me was a hilarious T-shirt with “I have an App for that” on it. For some reason that took my fancy, I suppose Apps are pretty trendy right now.

And the “Boobies make me smile” T-shirt took my fancy as well. And you can find more risque than that if you wish, of course depending on your tastes, and his.

If you’d prefer to give him a T-shirt that is totally unique you can even design your own, including the type of garment you would like to give him.

But there’s lots more than fun T-shirts at Spencers Online.

Spencers Online isn’t the sort of website to visit if you’re just about to head out the door and have 2 minutes spare. Set aside a good half-hour if you’re visiting. You can’t possibly do it justice in a few minutes. Read more

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A gift idea for a woman with a lazy $350000

Here’s a gift for the man who has everything from the woman with plenty of money. $350,000 to be exact.Expensive Christmas Gifts

If you’ve got that sort of money and are looking for a gift idea for your man, something that is absolutely special and which I can guarantee none of his friends will get for Christmas then here’s a gift idea for you.

It’s a car that flies.

Yes believe it or not it’s a car and it’s an aeroplane. It was designed by MIT graduates to be both.

It’s a street legal car, with a 100 horsepower four-cylinder motor. Drive it on the road when he wants. Up to 65 miles per hour, with the wings folded back.

But when it comes across one of those pesky traffic jams you can just extend the wings and fly over it. Well probably not actually, chances are it’s illegal to take off from an ordinary road. But it’s not illegal to take off from an airfield.

Folded up it can fit in your average garage, and he can drive it to the airfield.

To take off however you will need a sport pilot certificate.Expensive Christmas Gifts

It’s all high-tech stuff. Carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium. That sort of high-tech stuff. And it’s got room for 2, so you can take you with him when he flies.

I’m absolutely certain that very few if any of my readers will be buying their man a flying car this Christmas.

But when I saw it I just had to tell you about it.

I can’t afford it, chances are you can’t afford it, but it’s nice to know it’s out there, just in case you, or I, strike it rich.

But if you can afford it you can get it at Hammacher Schlemmer, just search there for the flying car. Read more

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Why not give him a hot watch?

I think one of the finest men’s gifts is a watch. There are some wonderful watches available now, both functional and good-looking, and most of them look great on a man’s wrist.
Watches for a mens gift
More and more these days men want to look good, and it’s not always just about clothes. A fine fashionable good-looking watch can top off the look for a man, and make him feel good as well.

I’ve featured watches here before, however I’m always happy to look at watches again, just to drool over some of those available.

Today I’ve been looking at some of the watches at ShopNBC.com and I like what I see. In fact I put some images here of those that appealed to me.

My taste in watches runs to color as much as style. I love a good watch that stands out from the crowd, that gets noticed on his wrist and which draws attention. I’m also more an analog man than a digital man.

Not only that I’m also lazy, and so for me a watch that I can wear in the shower is essential, because I’m too lazy to take it off and put it back on every time I take a shower. Luckily nowadays there’s so many fully waterproof watches available.

Now of course your man might be a digital man, or he might love gold, or muted colors, or a different watch band to the one that appeals to me. But either way I can just about guarantee he will love a new watch as a gift for his birthday or Christmas or any other special occasion.

Watches for a mens gift

Nowadays the range of watches that you can buy for your man is enormous, and there is something there to suit just about any taste in watches either digital or analogue, colorful or muted, flashy or just plain stylish.

ShopNBC.com is a good place to start looking for a great watch for a gift for your man. They have a massive range of choices including Renato, Swiss Legend, Stuhrling, Movado and more, available in a range of different prices to suit any pocket. One of my favorites is Invicta watches. That’s from ShopNBC.com.

But you can also choose direct from the Invicta Watches website, where you can download the catalogue. Invicta make wide range of different brands of watch.

And there’s some stunning watches right there in that catalogue. I was drooling, again.Watches for a mens gift

Even if your man has a watch already, or even a couple of watches, he can always do with another one as long as it’s different to what he has already and looks great.

Oh, one other thing. To me one of the best things about any gift is that it be personalised. A watch that looks hot is a fine gift, but one that looks hot with a personalised engraved message on the back from you to him is a far better gift than just the watch alone.

The message that you engrave on the back is as important as the watch. The message is a huge part of the gift so you need to think about it carefully and work out what to say in a way that will fit on the back. Read more

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So your man loves cigars, and loves golf

I love the aroma of a good cigar. Whilst it might not be politically correct to be a cigar smoker, or a smoker generally, I can quite understand the attraction. After all, not all of us are entirely politically correct.
Cigar Gard
There’s been some famous figures in history who have loved a good cigar. Winston Churchill comes to mind immediately. And I’ve written on this website about cigars and cigar accessories as gifts for your man before.

Equally I love golf, as do a substantial percentage of men, and for that reason I have also written extensively about golf gifts for your man if he is the golfing type.

I’ve recently come across another cigar accessory. It’s something that I would never have thought of myself however when I start to think about it it seems to me that it’s a great gift for a cigar smoking man who plays golf as well.

Think about it. He’s enjoying a good cigar on the 5th hole. He stops to take a shot. What is he going to do with that cigar? Well of course he’ll do what almost all men do on the course in that situation, he’ll put it on the grass while he takes his shot, then pick it up afterwards to keep smoking.

No problem there. Or is there? What about all those pesticides they spray on the grass to keep all the bugs away and to keep the grass looking good? When he puts his cigar on the grass isn’t it picking up pesticides to put in his mouth?Cigar Gard

What about if the grass is wet? He ends up with a soggy cigar, or else, as I have observed myself, tries to balance it on the cover of his driver until a gust of wind blows it off to end back on the wet grass.

How about a great gift idea for him to overcome this problem? Well I found one. It’s called The Cigar Gard and it’s specifically designed to overcome all these problems. And it works for cigarettes as well as cigars.

It’s a simple piece of equipment that attaches to his golf cart magnetically. He puts his cigar in the clamp, which has a range of sizes for different cigars or cigarettes, leaves it there while he takes his shot and it stays there till he comes back. Dry and pesticide free.

What about when he’s putting? He may spend 10 minutes on the green taking his shots and waiting for his friends. Half his cigar may be gone.Cigar Gard

No problem there, The Cigar Gard can be detached easily from the cart and taken with him, and put down whilst the cigar is still carefully taken care of.

There’s some very clever people out there thinking of simple but effective ideas to overcome simple problems like this. This is a great idea for a gift for a man who loves his cigars and who loves his golf, both at the same time.

There is an entire website just devoted to The Cigar Gard, and you have the option of buying the Gard on its own or in a dedicated Humidor.

At $39.95 it’s a simple, cheap but very unusual idea for a gift for a cigar smoking golfing man. Read more

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